Monday, December 14, 2015

MIcheal symon's 5 in 5

This guy is so funny. His cookbook is more on a fancy level.His cooking taste are real clean and cute. In this cookbook He shows us how to make things in season. The fresh the better.I love the photos in this cookbook. Has so many recipes in this cookbook.I got this at a discount or free for my re

Saturday, November 14, 2015

TACOS by Alex Stupak and Jordana Rothman

This is a mexican cookbook. I like how it shows  you how to turn everyday food into tacos. This show you how to make salas tacos and tortilla. I didn't know that you can turn everyday food into such good mexican fair. I like the photos wish there were more of them. The tacos in this book wow me. From bacon tacos to chicken tacos. I was also wow by how you can make so many different tortillas. All in all it's a good book I got this at a discount or free for my review

Friday, November 13, 2015

Cellulite Cream & Muscle Relaxation Cream HUGE 8.8oz, 100% Natural 87% Organic - Anti Cellulite Cream Treatment Hot Gel, Firms Skin, Slims & Reduces

This is a great way to lose those unwanted cellulite. It is easy to use. You can also use a roller to rub it in if you don't want to use your hands. This is also great for small pains and ackes. We all have those at times.I got this at a discount or free for my review

UV Stain Detective LED Blacklight for detecting cat, dog & rodent urine

Wow is this great. It see everything. It really works so good. I love it. I got this at a discount or free for my review

Notebook Journal Hardcover - Premium Diary in Classic Blue Leather + A5 Size / 320 Ruled Pages

I wish I could buy a whole case of these books. They are so well made and will last years. I love the way they look also.Has so many pages and you can use for anything.I got this free or at a discount for my review

Barbecue Skewers Stainless Steel From Thanks2Dad - Funny Numeric Skewers for Kids & Family - BBQ Shrimp Fruits Smores & Chocolate Fountain Fondue - Kebab Shish Kabob - Short(8 Inch) - Set of 10 - Enjoy More with Skewers of His Own!

These are a great way to teach kids how to start cooking. I like how you can use them for so many types of cooking. I like how the how number on top of them. I never seen anything like it. It's so cute. There are so many uses for this type of skewers and a great starter cooking gift. I got this at a discount or free for my review

Sandistore Women Sexy Strapless Top Vest Sports Bras

This is great. The way it feels is soft. Great for summer dresses. Or if you just want to wear while doing a workout. Why not. I got this at a discount or free for my review.